Keynote Speaker

Dennis Robertson MSP is the Member of the Scottish Parliament for the constituency of Aberdeenshire West. Mr Robertson was born in 1956 in Aberdeen. After attending the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh from 1968 to 1974, he moved to Greenock where he began his career in Social Work including training at Langside College. Mr Robertson has also worked for Guide Dogs for the Blind in Forfar and was a Client Manager at North East Sensory Services before being elected as an MSP in 2011.

In Parliament, Mr Robertson sits on both the Equal Opportunities Committee and the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee, as well as being a member of several cross party groups including Visual Impairment, Deafness, Health Inequalities and Scotch Whisky.

In his leisure time Mr Robertson enjoys walking, reading, fly fishing, sailing and most of all spending time with his family.


Meir Schneider is a pioneer therapist who developed his method from working tirelessly to heal himself from blindness. He is an author of publications such as the autobiography, Movement for Self-Healing, The Natural Vision Improvement Kit and the DVD, Yoga for Your Eye
Esther van der Werf loves to help people regain clear eyesight in a relaxed easy way using the original Bates Method. She first learned this method for her own eyes in 2000 and rapidly regained better than 100% clarity after sixteen years of mild myopia. In 2010 she published "Bates Method Nuggets", a compilation of the best of Dr. Bates’ writings on natural vision improvement. Her second book "Reading without Glasses at any Age" is in the process of publication. Visit her website, Visions of Joy
Richard Hobday is a leading authority on the history and practice of sunlight therapy. He is the author of The Light Revolution: Health Architecture and the Sun (2006) and The Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century (1999). See here for more information.
Aileen Whiteford is the co-founder of the College of Vision Education (Bates Method) in London, UK and is a professional educator, counsellor and psychotherapist with many years of experience teaching and presenting internationally. She co-organises the British Natural Eyesight Conferences and is a member of the Bates Association for Vision Education (BAVE) and the Association of Vision Educators (AVE).
Anthony Attenborough has been teaching the Bates Method for 30 years or so, to a  wide variety of people with many different conditions of seeing. He came to the Bates Method from a background in art and craft, having worked in the field of stained glass for many years. He has kept up an ongoing search into the nature of seeing through the Bates Method and other means of help, such as Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, nutrition and drawing and painting in order to better help people in need. From this he developed Bates Kinesiology to give more clear feedback about sight and what can best help it. He teaches Bates Kinesiology Workshops and uses it widely with clients. Anthony practices in London and Devon, where he also enjoys planting and growing trees.
Theresa McInnes is a registered Bach practitioner and trainer. Her early professional experience was in Primary School Teaching, and she gained her Diploma of Education in 1969. Theresa left teaching to concentrate on bringing up her family of four and subsequently joined her husband in the running of the family Pharmacy business. In 2009 Theresa retired from the "Day Job" - freeing herself up to enjoy life and to devote more time for her passion for Bach. Theresa continues to work as a BFRP and in addition to providing Levels 1 and 2 training weekends, she organises a yearly Level 3 Practitioner course each summer.
Anna Bambridge is a Natural Vision teacher, trained with the College for Vision Education. She has been working in the field of vision improvement for 15 years and has been teaching for 5 years. Visit her website, Indivisual
Alexandrina Kostova is Program Manager at The National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The center provides basic rehabilitation and vocational training of visually impaired people from the whole country. The activities on the basic rehabilitation are directed at rehabilitating the person’s social functions with the purpose of optimum accomplishing a self-dependent life. The centre is a national resource center promoting a range of services to people who are blind or partially sighted and their associated providers.
Margaret Montgomery qualified as a Bates Method teacher in England in 1985 and has been offering one-to-one lessons in her private practices to adults and children of all ages and with all eye conditions to improve and care for all aspects of vision that are safe, natural and healthy. She is the co-founder and director (with Aileen Whiteford) of the College of Vision Education (Bates Method) which has trained people from all over the world to become Bates Method teachers.